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Video Encoder IP


WAVE663 is a 4K/8K multi-standard encoder video IP that supports HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video codec standards. It provides 4K120fps@500MHz or 8K60fps@1GHz real-time encoding performance with a dual-core solution.


WAVE663 is based on WAVE6 architecture which is the latest C&M video architecture. WAVE6 architecture is designed to cover a wide range of requirements from customers who are looking for high-performance and high-image quality encoder IP. In order to achieve improved encoding image quality, WAVE6 encoding tools have been enhanced from WAVE5 encoding tools. The additional improvements in WAVE6 architecture are shown in the following as well:


  • Improved bandwidth efficiency

  • Reduced external memory size & latency during the encoding process

  • Competitive IP size & single clock design

WAVE663 is a favorable video IP solution for edge servers (video transcoding, data center, video analytics), mobile devices, GPU, automotive, surveillance, AR/VR, and various consumer devices.

Video Codec Standards

  • HEVC/H.265: Main/Main10@L6.1 ​

  • AVC/H.264: CBP/MP/HiP and Hi10P@L6.1 


  • AMBA3 32bit APB interface for communication with Host CPU​

  • AMBA3 128bit AXI interface for data transfer


  • Frame buffer compression (FBC)

  • Multi-instances

  • 3rd Party I/F

  • Bit-depth and YUV format conversion of the source picture

  • I/P/B picture coding

  • Picture/Block level rate control

  • ROI coding / Background coding 


  • Encoding image quality

  • Improved bandwidth efficiency

  • Low delay encoding

  • Low power consumption

  • Single clock design

  • Competitive IP size

  • Easy integration of SoC designs

  • Configurable IP


  • RTL source code

  • Programmer's guide

  • C model user guide

  • Data sheet / Verification guide

  • API reference manual

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