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Video Encoder IPs

Full HD Resolution


WAVE420L is a low-cost HEVC/H.265 HW encoder IP that is capable of encoding FHD/UHD HEVC/H.265 main profile L4.1. This IP core is targeted for the middle to the low-end mobile application processor (AP), IP cameras/sports camcorders, and other SoCs with small-sized areas and low-cost system requirements. WAVE420L is able to encode any resolution up to 4K and guarantees real-time performance for encoding 2K60fps based on sophisticated, latency tolerant HW architecture.


  • HEVC/H.265 Main/Main10/ Main Still (10) Profile @L4.1 High-tier; 2K60fps; Max resolution: 8192x4320​


  • 32-bit AMBA3 APB bus​

  • 128-bit AMBA3 AXI buses

  • Primary AXI interface and an optional secondary AXI interface


  • Frame buffer compression​

  • 3DNR

  • Latency tolerance

  • Programmability

  • Low power consumption

  • Frame-based processing

  • Handling multi-instances

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