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Image Processing IP
for Pre/Post Processing


Stand-alone IP for Pre-/Post-processing

Chips&Media MAPI is a high-resolution Image Processing IP. It is capable of scaling up/down and color space conversion on a frame-by-frame basis with various input and output image formats.

The MAPI features its flexibility with a range of supported interfaces for data transmission. Image data can be transmitted without DRAM access via display or direct interface. Also, they can be read and written to/from the main memory via the AMBA3 AXI interface. MAPI can be used as a pre-processor for video encoder or as a post-processor for video decoder.


  • 4K60p@400MHz (600MHz for display interface)


  • Support various color format : YUV420, YUV422, YUV444, and RGB

  • Up-/Down-scaler x1/8~x8 : selectable scaler algorithm with Bi-cubic and Lanczos

  • Two scalers, connected to DRAM and display/direct I/F respectively, operating at different ratios at the same time                      (configurable to one scaler option)

  • Color space conversion : YUV2RGB and RGB2YUV, coefficient downloadable

  • Optional features

    • Crop and digital zoom : scaling on cropped region

    • Flip : horizontal and vertical

    • 3rd Party interfaces: such as AFBC v1.2 and PVRIC v4 (support output only)


  • Display Interface : 3 channels for components with vertical/horizontal sync signal (ITU-R BT.601 compatible)

  • Direct Interface (optional feature) : On-the-fly interface based on ready-valid protocol

  • Support CF10 (Chips&Media’s Frame buffer compression) for Chips&Media video codec

  • Support AFBC v1.2 and PVRIC v4 (optional feature) for output of MAPI

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