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An interview with Clair Kim

When did you join Chips&Media?


Why did you apply to Chips&Media?

I was confident that I could do well for the job as it was similar to my previous work and I was familiar with Chips&Media's IPs. I also got referrals from current employees at Chips&Media, and that's how I joined the company.

Can you tell us about your current work?

First of all, my main job is wrapping and packaging the video codecs by standard APIs. Some might say my position is like a bridge, as I make a connection from our IPs to our clients. My role is to guide customers on how to use the IPs and support porting. To be more specific, I use the reference software to create video codecs to guide developers through our IP-enabled applications.

Any comments for a candidate who wants to join our company?

A basic understanding of video codecs is helpful. It would be best if you have experience with video codecs or have used standard APIs before. Of course, you need a conceptual understanding of video codecs, an understanding of flow, and basic programming skills. Also, if you can take responsibility for your work and manage your time well, then it's the perfect place for you to expand your abilities.

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