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Chips&Media announces new small size multi-standard video codec IP targeting for Low-end AP

Seoul, Korea - August 11, 2015 -- Chips&Media, Inc. announced today the availability of CODA7Q - ultra-small size new multi-standard video codec IP targeting for low-end AP market. CODA7Q is an updated version of CODA7L supporting HEVC (H.265) Decoder IP in a single core. It features a very competitive IP size by sharing HEVC hardware blocks with other standards such as MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264/VP8/VC-1/AVS and etc. It also inherits the fundamental HEVC architecture such as frame buffer compression, the capability of high-performance 4K30fps decode, and low power design. Low-end AP markets still need to support all the multi-standard video codec IP including HEVC to decode various internet contents but at the same time also have asked for die size reduction to compete in the bloody market. Chips&Media CODA7Q exactly matches this market requirement.

HEVC was just limited support for the UHD (4K) High-end products not so long ago. However, with the release of CODA7Q, 4K HEVC decode is expected to expand rapidly across the future low-end products in the market.

Chips&Media had already released a series of high-end HEVC IP products, WAVE410, WAVE412, and WAVE420 for the past few years. This time they have CODA7Q targeted for low-end 4K products so they will be able to meet the diverse needs of their customers. They said they plan to compose more editions of HEVC IPs to the IP line-up.


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