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Chips&Media Exceeds Performance Expectations: AI-Related Video Codec Sales Outlook Rises High

Seoul, South Korea - Feb 13, 2024

The announcement by HI Investment & Securities on the 13th highlights Chips&Media’s (KRW 27,900 ▲400 +1.45%) involvement in the NPU business, foreseeing its benefits amidst the surge of the On-Device AI era.

“In the context of On-Device AI, the necessity arises for AI to function within individual devices rather than relying on servers. This calls for the utilization of NPUs capable of independent computation, learning, and evolving on their own,” commented Lee Sang-heon, a researcher at HI Investment & Securities. “Furthermore, with the rapid emergence of drones and autonomous vehicles, the demand for multimedia functionalities embedded in system semiconductors is expanding.”

"Last October, Chips&Media launched CMNP, an image-focused NPU design asset (IP). Beyond video IP, the company has also expanded into processor IP,” Lee stated. “With CMNP, an image-centric NPU IP, featuring diverse image processing algorithms, it’s applicable in areas like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that demand real-time image processing,” he explained. “Chips&Media is actively promoting to both domestic and international clients, expecting growth to surge with new license sales this year.”

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