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Chips&Media has licensed its VP9 and HEVC multi decoder IP to Nexell and other 5 chip manufacturers

Seoul, Korea – Feb. 2, 2016 -- Chips&Media Inc. announced that six worldwide major SoC makers have licensed WAVE412 Multi-format Decoder IP. WAVE412 is world’s first VP9 and HEVC combo decoder IP in a single core with super compact size. It was released in 2015 and has been welcomed by many SoC companies in consumer market who wanted to support VP9 & HEVC together in a SoC. VP9 gets more and more popular in the market and must be supported to play back 4K content in YouTube. Chips&Media WAVE412 supports VP9 Profile 2 10bit which enables Youtube HDR experience. Free royalty policy of VP9 also makes it adopted by more SoC companies. But this VP9 standard is quite different from HEVC and the silicon size is big.

Chips&Media WAVE412 solved this problem supporting VP9 and HEVC in a single core with very small size. Since these two standards share many logic, and memory as much as possible, WAVE412 size is quite small even though it implements two giant video standards together. WAVE412 is built on the existing 10bit HEVC decoder IP platform and value-added by hardware implementation of VP9 Profile2 4:2:0 10bit decode functionality.

“With WAVE412, we are designing most competitive STB/OTT SoC which supports 4K 60fps VP9 & HEVC decoder. Chips&Media’s stable and optimized IP core helps us to save the die cost a lot ” said Neo Kang, CEO of Nexell.

WAVE412 features its compact size from optimized hardware implementation of HEVC and VP9 video functionalities. The performance can reach UHD (3840x2160) decode at 60fps, and its multi-core architecture enables up to 8K video decode. Also, its own Lossless Frame Buffer Compression technology, CFrameTM can help SoCs suffering from tremendously increased system bandwidth to save up to 70% bandwidth and even power consumption.

Currently HEVC and VP9 are the most crucial video standards in the 4 K (UHD) video industries. Given that they are now widely being adopted in almost all multimedia devices like smartphone, DTV and STB, it is expected to continue to increase demand for the video IP in 2016. Chips&Media also will add AVS-2 4K decoder on the WAVE platform soon.

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