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Chips&Media Now Reveals c.WAVE120 - New Generation of Super-Resolution HW IP

Seoul, April 23rd, 2020 - Chips&Media, the leading global hardware IP provider, today announced the launch of c.WAVE120, which is a deep learning-based neural network, super-resolution IP that upscales the low-resolution data into high-resolution in real-time.

Ultra-super-resolution (SR) is a crucial image processing technology that advances the resolution of images and videos in the field of computer vision. The SR algorithm of Chips&Media’s c.WAVE120 is designed and developed for SoC (System-On-Chip), enabling a low-cost and real-time solution for a reliable implementation while offering an enhanced resolution.

c.WAVE120 is a fully-hardwired hardware IP that performs video upscaling and improves details through a massive set of training datasets that processed through deep learning neural networks.” When low-resolution images or videos are zoomed-in, the pixels appeared as broken and blurry, but that’s when SR technique steps in to take place. Chips&Media’s c.WAVE120 extracts the feature points of an image or video, splits them pixel by pixel, applies the appropriate pixels to fill in the missing parts of the data, and then reproduces in sharper high-resolution image or video.

Furthermore, c.WAVE120’s neural network was trained to upscale video from two to eight times larger with improved resolution. The c.WAVE120 provides high performance with low power consumption, capable of processing 8K (7680x4320) 60fps output images at 550MHz operating frequency. For example, it does 2K or 4K UHD video to 8K UHD, and with 720p HD video, it converts to 8K UHD video.

Although 8K displays manufactured flourishing these days, it is facing trouble due to the lack of 8K contents, because creating 8K video is costing much money. As described above, video is broken and blurry when viewing low-resolution contents on high-resolution devices; however, with the deep learning-based super-resolution, c.WAVE120 upscales the contents from low-resolution to almost nearly the same quality as the original contents when played on high-resolution devices. Again, because of the c.WAVE120 provides high performance with low power consumption, which is capable of processing 8K (7680x4320) 60fps output images at 550MHz operating frequency; it is suitable for the customer application products such as consumer electronics, automotive, home entertainment, IoT, surveillance cameras, and much more.

“Since every industry is prioritizing the different resolution and area size, we are planning to release the full package of super-resolution IPs: cost-effective 4K, standard 4K, and full 8K ultra-high resolution to the market,” said Willy Kwon, Technical Leader of Chips&Media.

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Media Contact:

SuMin Nam

Technical PR Manager


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