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Chips&Media Partners Ship Over 120 Million Video Devices To-Date

Seoul, Korea –March 6, 2013 – Chips&Media, Inc., a leading company in silicon video Intellectual Property(IP), today announced that Chips&Media-powered devices reached the accumulated shipment record of 120 million units in only 6 years after its first shipping in 2006.

Chips&Media was established in March 2003, making this Wednesday the official 10-year anniversary. This significant milestone has been achieved as a result of the accumulated experience and expertise of 10 years, which has licensed its video codec technology over 100 times to more than 60 partners including the world’s top-tier semiconductor and OEM companies.

Reflecting the rise of volume on high-end smartphones, mobile devices remain one of Chips&Media’s largest markets with more than 70% of total shipment volume. Chips&Media’s IP cores were shipped in almost 30 million devices powering smartphones and tablet PCs from many of the world’s leading OEMs, such as Lenovo, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Motorola, and ZTE.

Targeted for mobile devices, Chips&Media’s CODA7 series is a cost-effective video IP solution supporting all the major video standards to play any video formats while maintaining ultra-low power consumption. It also supports deliver both encoder and decoder capabilities in a single core to enable video call or video recording.

As home consumer electronics become smarter and more connected, Chips&Media has been seeing rapid adoption of its video technology into home consumer markets such as digital TVs and set-top boxes. In 2012 Chips&Media’s partners shipped about 10 million chips into this market, which is 2.8 times more in volume compared to the previous year.

Chips&Media’s CODA9 series is perfectly suited for use in connected TVs. It is designed to achieve the highest performance up to dual HD decoding and/or encoding capabilities as well as to maximize the system efficiency which can significantly minimize memory bandwidth requirements.

“2012 was an important transition year for Chips&Media. In 2012 we experienced a figure of 100 million units which is a huge achievement. 2012 was also marked by the real beginning of the HD resolution which the global shipment of HD devices containing Chips&Media’s IP cores surpassed those of SD devices,” said Steve Kim, CEO of Chips&Media. “We’re more excited and motivated than ever by what the future holds and we continue to innovate at this accelerated pace in order to hit another 100 million units.”

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