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Chips&Media releases CFrame30, its groundbreaking hardware design for Lossy Frame Buffer Compression

Seoul, Korea - June 17, 2015 -- Chips&Media Inc. completed the development of its lossy frame buffer compression IP, CFrame30 last month and has now started to provide its newest IP to the customers. This is a subsequent launch after CFrame10 – its lossless frame compression IP was introduced in 2014.

CFrame30 is able to compress diverse color formats of video frames including YUV420/422/444 (8-12bit), RGB, and Bayer at a constant rate of up to 75%. With the fully hardwired implementation consisting of simply Compressor and Decompressor, it delivers a 1 pixel per cycle throughput and a very low gate count. Boosting up speed is also predictable to meet what customers demand.

Above all, this IP is fully configurable in order for customers to get fully customized IP for their own needs. Selection of a compression rate, number of planes, input/output sample mode, and integration of DMAC can lead to a different logic and memory size.

CFrame30 aims at helping many SoC vendors who make their efforts to reduce systemwide use of memory. Chips&Media’s original compression algorithm can make them realize a tremendous amount of bandwidth reduction along with near-lossless, amazing picture quality and help develop many more competitive SoC solutions with image sensor, ISP, video codec, or display.


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