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Chips&Media releases world's first HEVC and VP9 multi-format decoder IP with 10bit support

Seoul, Korea April 16, 2015 -- Chips&Media Inc, a leading provider of video IP, has introduced today its new multi-decoder IP, WAVE412 which provides the industry’s first support for both HEVC (H.265) and WebM VP9 targeted for multimedia SoCs with 4K UHD capability. This is the addition of the VP9 decoder to the WAVE410, 10bit HEVC decoder IP that has been on the market since 2013. The VP9 decoder supports Profile2 4:2:0 10bit.

WAVE412 features its compact size from optimized hardware implementation of HEVC and VP9 video functionalities. The performance can reach UHD (3840x2160) decode at 60fps, and its multi-core architecture enables up to 8K video decode. Also, the use of its own Lossless Frame Buffer Compression technology, CFrameTM can help SoCs suffering from tremendously increased system bandwidth to save up to 70% bandwidth and even power consumption.

Meanwhile, HEVC and VP9 are very significant video standards in the 4K UHD multimedia market currently. HEVC has been chosen as a new video standard for 4K UHD broadcast in Europe, the U.S, and other markets, and many more countries are expected to adopt it in the near future. VP9 is being used by YouTube for their streaming services, including a growing volume of 4K content. In the last year, YouTube users have watched more than 25 billion hours of VP9 and have tripled that amount of 4K videos that they have uploaded to YouTube. The demand for the two rising new video formats is therefore likely to continue skyrocketing. "VP9 has become a major video coding format for web video platforms and UHD video services. “ says Jani Huoponen, hardware product manager for the WebM Project. “Chips&Media’s WAVE412 with 10bit VP9 decode support will help multimedia chipset companies design their VP9 decoder SoC with cost-efficient size and ultra-low power “

Chips&Media Inc. is now preparing to release its another new product WAVE422 - HEVC and VP9 multi-format encoder IP by this year to rapidly respond to market needs with a range of 4K UHD Video IPs.


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