Chips&Media signed a contract to supply ISP IP package for IP cameras

Seoul, Korea – March 26th, 2018 -- Chips&Media, Inc. a leading video IP company headquartered in Seoul, Korea, was reportedly signed a contract with one of major SoC manufacturer in Asia to license Image Signal Processing (ISP) IPs for intended use in surveillance cameras. Chips&Media have confirmed that among IPs to be supplied, LEDA - a configurable and comprehensive ISP pipeline, NIX – multi-exposure HDR, HYDRA – 3DNR and KERBEROS – Lens Distortion Correction will be included.

The source from Chips&Media noted, “This is an important milestone that the set of IPs intended for surveillance market was taken by a single licensor in a single deal, and a triumph for our team since the launch of ISP product line.” And added “We expect to share more market references in near future from industries other than surveillance and for large resolutions such as 4K and above”. It is known that Chips&Media have announced introduction of its first ISP products in June of 2016 and reported to add 7 new IPs in 2017.

Chips&Media, who had been recognized as Video Codec IP specialist with firm market leadership, proclaiming new video IPs such as deep learning based computer vision, computational photography and image signal processing to widen its portfolio and to transform itself as total Video IP provider.

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