Chips&Media to establish R&D center in China

Shanghai, China. –January25, 2011 - Chips&Media,Inc., a leading company in silicon  video Intellectual Property (IP), today announces that it has set up a research and development(R&D) center in Shanghai, China as part of a unified strategy aiming to further expand their business in China.

Strengthen R&D capabilities for the Chinese market

With the launch of Chips&Media R&D center in China, now they can get into closer relationship with local customers and partners and can become more supportive and responsive of technical support and services than before.

The new R&D center will mainly focus on:

developing advanced video solutions to meet the local market needsImproving cost competitiveness through optimization of IP designhelping Chinese customers to accelerate their time-to-market and to gain a competitive advantage in their businesses with the video IP

Building a larger presence in China

Throughout the ups and downs in the semiconductor industry, the Chinese market has continued to grow, which gets account for about 41% of the global semiconductor market. In recognition of the strategic importance of China, Chips&Media has continuing many activities in China, including this establishment of the new R&D center in Shanghai.

“Chips&Media's business in China has grown at a rapid pace in recent years. We believe that our expanded R&D presence will allow us to strengthen our leadership in next super power country, China and to ready for market penetration with more accessibility.” said Chips&Media CEO Steve Kim.

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