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High-Performance HEVC decoder IP released by Chips&Media

Seoul, Korea -- May 3, 2016 -- Chips&Media Inc. has announced today the release of the 2nd-generation UHD (4K/8K) HEVC decoder IP called WAVE510. This is the first rollout of the new WAVE5 series based on the brand-new architecture.

Three years ago Chips&Media already introduced the industry's first HEVC Decoder IP and Codec IP, WAVE4 series for the first time in the world and licensed with a number of top-tier semiconductor manufacturers. Applied SoCs are very wide including DTV, STB, Mobile, Camcorder, Security, Automotive, etc. and some have been up for sale already.

Lately, UHD content service is getting more spread around the network and about to be started through terrestrial broadcasting. In accordance with this fast market trend and demands on high-quality, high-performance video solutions, Chips&Media quickly launched the new high-performance HEVC decoder IP, WAVE510. It features sharply improved performance than the existing WAVE 4 series.

In particular, WAVE5 maintains the same level of IP size as the WAVE4 series even with a very high-performance increase than the WAVE4 series. It contributes to 50% off SoC cost compared to the existing IP series when 4K (UHD) 60fps is implemented. Moreover, WAVE5 can operate at a much lower frequency than the existing products under the same conditions, so power consumption can be reduced significantly. Also, bandwidth saving technologies such as frame buffer compression called CFrameTM and built-in Down-scaler add more value to the 4K/8K-class high-performance video IP solution.

Starting the WAVE510, Chips&Media will release a few more high-performance HEVC IPs that support Google VP9 and China AVS2 as the next-generation video coding standard.

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