A short interview with Liz Kwak (곽선미)

Can you tell us about your current work?

I am responsible for creating and managing silicon HW IP product documentation, including the c-model user's guide, integration guide, API manuals, and many others. I work closely with engineers to retrieve the technical details and write content for our customers to receive the information without a hassle.

When did you join Chips&Media?

In 2009

What was the best and most challenging moment since you joined the company?

I remember the most rewarding moment that I can remember was when I was recognized and praised by colleagues for the first time after joining the company. It was feedback that the document I created was concise and well-written, and I felt such proud of myself.

The most challenging moment was the first few years in this company. Chips&Media, 12 years ago, was just a small start-up company that required employees to work autonomously and play an active role. Back then I had only worked as a team base in the past, this work environment/style felt unfamiliar and challenging. It took quite a while for me to change my work style and adapt to the new. I tried to find my own ways to identify and solve problems, setting up plans to advance and manage them, still am.

What is your most satisfying corporate culture/welfare while working at Chips&Media?

Chips&Media is pursuing a horizontal organizational culture, communication freely, and there is autonomy in work. There are several in-house social clubs with small-scale activities to support social engagement between the employees. It's leading to a higher level of intimacy between colleagues and adds fun to the company life. I joined the Musical Club that our team goes out to watch musicals, plays, and exhibitions once a month regularly. And we will do it all again after the pandemic is over!

Can you give one quick tip or advice to those who want to join Chips&Media?

If you have the will and attitude to work, learn, and try new things, it is a place where you can grow your career. :)

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