A short interview with Morgan Lim

Can you tell us about your current work?

Product planning, researching for video codec standards and IT trends, are my main tasks within the marketing team.

When did you join Chips&Media?

In April 2020.

What can you say about Chips&Media?

The strongest attribute of Chips&Media is that we have elite, talented colleagues who show their professionalism to the fullest, just like the Avengers team. I get the most amused by seeing my colleagues producing quality work each time based on their expertise. That's why I am trying to be a better partner who can rely on and grow with responsibility.

How do you spend your free time?

Driving in the suburbs is my hobby. On weekends, I tend to wander around the plant nursery, looking for quiet places like lakes and seas. Recently, I started to learn to take pictures professionally. It's worthwhile to look at the scenery through the camera lens since I can fully concentrate on the moment. When my camera skills improve someday, I want to organize the travel photos I take and run a blog.

Any comments for a candidate who wants to join our company?

"Feel the Wave". Give yourself to the center of the big change of "Semiconductor" and "Media." It will be an opportunity to grow together.