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An Interview with Sarah Lee

When did you join Chips&Media?

I joined the company in October 2016. It's been a while already.

Can you tell us about your current work?

I'm a team member of HR Part and I am, mostly in charge of, regarding managing salaries, recruitment, and employee benefits. Personally, I think my main role is to make and provide a better environment and work system for CZEN (Employees of Chips&Media) and potential candidates.

What is the greatest strength of the company?

People may say autonomous corporate culture is the company's number one strength. However, I feel that our staff's greatest energy is the attitude and efforts to keep learning, without ceasing to learn new things constantly. So, I'd like to say that the self-improvement culture is the most precious pride we have when describing the company's greatest strengths.

If you had an unlimited budget, what benefit would you want to create?

Since we are all working hard to eat and live well, I'd like to create a welfare program that provides healthy food to our employees. What a great place to work if we have fresh salads, fruits for the morning, a hearty meal for lunch, and snacks for the afternoon ready for a quick grab-on?

Can you give one quick tip for the people who want to join the company?

The interview process is a time for the company to identify the best-fitted candidates; however, at the same time, it's a valuable time for applicants to learn about the company itself. The company will be asking a lot more questions during the interview than the interviewee, but prepare questions for the interviewers so you can better understand the company.

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