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Korea Exchange Selected 15 Companies for Excellence in Corporate Disclosure from KOSDAQ and KONEX Markets Last Year

Seoul, South Korea - Feb 21, 2024


(Chips&Media CFO Ho Lee, on the second left in the first row)

The Korea Exchange announced on the 21st at its Seoul office that it had awarded excellence in corporate disclosure for 2023 KOSDAQ and KONEX markets.


On that day, it selected 15 companies, including SungKwangBend, as recipients of the Public Disclosure Excellent Award. Additionally, the Korea Exchange recognized the disclosure officers of these companies as “outstanding public disclosure professionals.”


In the KOSDAQ market, a total of 12 companies were chosen with the Public Excellence Award for their exemplary corporate disclosure practices. SungKwangBend and Genie Music were honored for their commitment to long-term sincerity in disclosure, while CJ Freshway received recognition for its accurate performance prediction disclosures.


Chips&Media, Huons, Com2us, JVM, Megastudy, Golfzon, and ShowBox were acknowledged for their overall excellence in comprehensive evaluation. ST Pharm and HK inno.N were lauded for Investor Relations (IR) excellence. In the KONEX market, Moogene Medi and Medyssey stood out as recipients of the Public Excellence Award. Anymedi Solution was perceived for its pronounced performance in the IR category.


Currently, KOSDAQ has suspended the designation of companies as unfaithful disclosure corporations and eliminated the requirement for compulsory education for the recipients of the Public Excellence Award. Meanwhile, KONEX has implemented preferential measures, such as reducing penalties for unfaithful disclosure.


Hong Soon-wook, President of the KOSDAQ Market Division, commented, “I extend my appreciation to the companies that have consistently adhered to their disclosure obligations despite facing uncertain internal and external challenges. I encourage these publicly listed companies to continue enhancing the reliability and fairness of the securities market.”

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