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New Lossless & Lossy Hybrid frame buffer compression IP, CFrame50 released by Chips&Media

Seoul, Korea – Mar. 2, 2016 -- Chips&Media Inc. announced today that it released its new enhanced frame buffer compression IP CFrame50. CFrameTM is an IP core that performs visually lossless compression of source image data from ISP or decoded data that are to be transferred to display chip so that efficient memory management, considerable bandwidth reduction, and power saving can be all achieved.

Since the consumer applications are going for 4K/8K, the bandwidth becomes a more and more serious issue for each SoC design. There are some frame buffer compression solutions already in the market, but lossy only compression IP couldn’t achieve good image quality, or lossless only compression IP couldn’t get constant bandwidth reduction. This CFrame50 perfectly solves those issues with lossless and lossy hybrid solutions with very high-quality image compression.

Chips&Media Inc. has previously offered lossless compression IP and lossy compression IP in each separate lineup. But this time CFrame50 is an integrated solution supporting lossy and lossless compression at the same time with its own groundbreaking algorithm applied. In particular, the 16x4 block-based running CFrame50 matches the overall compression ratio by tuning the variable compression rate of each block depending on the complexity of the image. This effort not only maximizes the compression efficiency but also enables to achieve better image quality at the same compression rate than the previous IPs. In the self-evaluation, CFrame50 has shown more excellent picture quality than other compression standards in the aspect of subjective quality over almost all the 420/422/444 test images. Moreover, CFrame50 is designed to be highly configurable so it can be delivered in various forms as customer chip’s demands and be applied in many kinds of applications like image sensor, ISP, video codec, or display. It supports up to four color planes, a wide range of color formats such as RGB, YUV, Byer pattern, Monochrome, and 420/422/444 chroma sampling formats. A compression rate is also configurable to 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 times, or more by giving a target bit-depth to the original bit-depth. It has a high-performance capability processing 1pixel/cycle and it can be customized.

CFrame50, the set of compression IP and decompression IP, has started to draw market attention from the early phase of the release for its fast processing, various input formats, fully hardware configuration with a very small gate count.


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