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Chips&Media announced new ISP deal to provide 4K UHD (8Mpixel) resolution Image Signal Processing IP

Seoul, Korea – July 30th, 2018 -- Chips&Media, Inc. a leading video IP company headquartered in Seoul, Korea, announced licensing contract to provide 4K (8Mpixel) resolution Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP with a Taiwanese SoC manufacturer. Chips&Media informed that LEDA – a configurable and comprehensive ISP (IP) product is part of the contract, with target application of IP Cameras in various use including surveillance purpose.

“This new licensing deal adds another horizon to our ISP IP proving that our IPs are ready for the much anticipated and rapidly growing 4K (8Mpixel) market,” says Steve Sang-Hyun Kim, the CEO of Chips&Media. “As part of our complete video value chain, including our Codec and Computer Vision products, Chips&Media is ready to serve customers with needs of high-resolution video processing technology.”

Chips&Media, who had been recognized as a Video Codec IP specialist with firm market leadership, proclaiming new video IPs such as deep learning-based computer vision, computational photography, and image signal processing to widen its portfolio and to transform itself as a total Video IP provider. Moreover, it had been reported that Chips&Media has signed its first ISP IP deal in March of 2018 to supply ISP, 3DNR, Multi-exposure HDR, and Lens Distortion Correction.

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칩스앤미디어, 작년 영업익 77.7억원…전년비 6.4%↑

Seoul, South Korea – Feb 1, 2024 글로벌 비디오 지식재산권(IP) 기술 기업 칩스앤미디어(094360)는 1일 경영실적 공시를 통해 지난해 연결기준 매출액은 276억3000만원, 영업이익은 77억7000만원으로 전년 대비 각각 14.7%, 6.4% 증가했다고 밝혔다. 진난해 4분기 매출액은 74억원, 영업이익은 23억2000만원으로


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