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Chips&Media Delivers The World's First Commercial AV1 Hardware Decoder IP, WAVE510A

SEOUL, October 22, 2019 – leading hardware IP provider, Chips&Media recently announced the arrival of WAVE510A, the world’s first commercial AV1 hardware decoder IP that supports the next generation AV1 standard, an open royalty-free video coding format designed for high-quality video transmissions over the internet.

The AV1 video codec was first released in 2005 by the Alliance for Open Media, promoted as royalty-free, designed to compete with previously released video codec generations such as HEVC, VP9, H.264.VP8. Since Apple, Amazon, Netflix, NVIDIA, ARM, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are already a member of AOMedia, and AV1 is capable of generating smaller files than other codec generations, it’s creating a significant movement in the streaming media distribution.

WAVE510A, an AV1 decoder IP developed by Chips&Media, is optimally designed and architected to support real-time AV1 video decoding up to 4K60fps with a single core and supports dual VPU core to play 8K60P at 1GHz while providing high optimization for memory bandwidth loading and exceptional power management. In addition, with the compression of reconstructed frames for future reference, VPU can significantly reduce the bus bandwidth by 50% on average while accessing frame data effectively in the external memory.

“As a member of AOMedia, we’re proud to contribute to the development of AV1 capable IP,” said Jeff Kim, Global Marketing Director at Chips&Media. “Since AV1 includes more tools than other video codec generations, it was a challenge for us to offer a better-enhanced compression rate compared to the others out there. However, since we are constantly striving for better and best quality possible within the field of video HW IPs, we are foreseeing the use of our designed IPs applied in the boundless consumer markets”.


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