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Chips&Media Opens New Sales and Support Office in Shanghai, China

Feb. 2, 2009 - Chips&Media, Inc, a global leading video IP Provider, today opened its China office in Shanghai to excavate enormous opportunities for the China semiconductor market and to assist customers with more efficient technical support and consulting.

The Chinese semiconductor industry is the world’s fastest-growing industry and according to iSuppli by 2012 will reach $92.6 billion from $76.5 billion in 2008. Especially Shanghai is one of the ideal semiconductor centers with excellent infrastructures adjoining IC design houses, foundries, OEM manufacturers, and other third parties.

Chips&Media has licensed its advanced video core technologies to more than 5 Chinese multimedia SoC manufacturers from mobile to DTV since 2007 and has solidified its strong market position as a number one supplier in high definition video technologies.

Chips&Media announced that launching its Shanghai office, they are ready to provide high-quality technical supports to existing customers as well as future customers, and also in order to develop partnerships with customers, they are planning to expand their sales office to Hsinchu, Taiwan, and the US.

The new Chips&Media Shanghai office is located at:

  1. Shanghai Tower A2101, 85 Loushanguan Rd. Chang Ning District Shanghai, China Tel:(86)-21-62782288(#217) Fax(86)-21-62783723


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