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Chips&Media Pioneering With The World's First Real-time Multi-Standard Decoder, including AV1, HW IP

SEOUL, Feb 03, 2020 – The world-leading hardware IP provider, Chips&Media, today announced the pre-release of multi-standard HW IP named WAVE517, targeting 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD), which is the first in the industry to support almost every codec standards for the UHD in the market, including the next-generation AV1 standard.

The quality of the video has been accelerating rapidly, and the screens that support over 4K are the fastest-growing segment in the market. Within the fast-evolving market, the decoder typically required to be capable of decoding extended video formats to support videos with both existing and next-generation applications. Therefore, based on the powerful Chips&Media’s HW IP technology, the WAVE517, the multi-standard decoder HW IP, is first releasing out in the market worldwide to support various available international standards.

The WAVE517 is architected for real-time decoding video capability of 4Kp60 content at 450MHz in HEVC/H.265, AVC/H.264, VP9, AVS2, and AV1 standards, and may achieve up to 8K(8Kx4K) resolution. It offers high performance with reduced IP size, less bandwidth, deficient power consumption, and, most importantly, it’s cost-effective as it is architected to pick out and reuse sharable blocks from various codec standards and apply to the common blocks; which the IP architecture becomes streamlined with minimum logics and memories fitting into small-sized SoCs.

The video codec standards offer ultimate functions like more accurate prediction, better reference frames, bigger blocks, and non-blocks, with flexible in motion models. The dedicated multi-standard HW IP, WAVE517, has the potential to apply in the consumer electronics markets are, but not limited to, set-top boxes, AI devices, smartphones, and UHD televisions, to stream 4K contents in more simple, and comprehensive than ever before.

“It was challenging for us, due to the various functions that video codec standards offer, to integrate multi-standard HW IP that supports all sorts of different codec standards while reducing the gate count size.” Said Ethan Hyun-Gyu Kim, a Technical Leader of Video Codec at Chips&Media. “We are continually looking forward to developing our tool by providing a compression interface with the 3rd party GPU, such as the PVRIC of Imagination or AFBC of ARM, to provide the most optimal bandwidth to our customers.”

Stay tuned for the official release date.


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