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Artosyn selects Chips&Media HEVC/H.265 Codec IP for Drone, Robots, AR, VR etc.

Seoul, Korea -- June 8, 2016 -- Artosyn Microelectronics, a leading supplier of Drone system on chip (SoC) in China, has ended up with a selection of Chips&Media Inc.’s HEVC/H.265 codec IP core and licensed the WAVE420 for their next-generation drone SoCs because of WAVE420's high image quality, low power, and high performance. Artosyn is well known as the world’s leading drone SoC company.

The drone industry requires super high-quality video recording and low power consumption at the same time for longer flight time. WAVE420 is best suited for such applications in that it is fully hardwired implementation and has best in class encoder quality for 4K and higher-resolution with ultra-low power consumption. Chips&Media Inc. has provided this well-designed HEVC/H.265 codec IP to more than 10 SoC vendors in various fields since its launch in the market three years ago.

The drone market currently shows rapid growth every year, and many research institutions have a bright outlook on the drone market that by 2020 its total market value will increase to more than two times compared with that of 2015. Especially there is a fact that Chinese manufacturers are strong enough to be top-ranked in the drone sector. Under those circumstances, WAVE420 is expected to act as a bridgehead to boost the drone market occupancy. In addition, Artosyn also has a plan to apply WAVE420 for home robots, AR(Augmented Reality), and VR (Virtual Reality) applications and to continue cooperation with Chips&Media in the future.

Chips&Media introduced WAVE510 HEVC decoder IP in May this year as the 2nd generation HEVC codec IP series which doubling the video performance of the existing WAVE4 HEVC platform. WAVE520 HEVC codec IP is scheduled to be released soon.

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