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Employee Benefits Package

Benefits Package


Chips and Media's compensation system is utilized to reward employees for their excellent performance and is given based on their overall work performance.

  1. Base Pay ​

    • Base pay is given based on the grade level and performance evaluation.

  2. Profit-Sharing (PS)

    • A certain portion of corporate profits is shared with all employees at a predetermined rate once a year. ​

  3. Special Incentive

    • A special incentive is offered to employees who contribute to the company: 

  4. Patent Incentive

    • awarded when a work-related patent is registered domestically or internationally ​

  5. Employee Referral Incentive 

    • Awarded when an employee recommends a candidate who is hired to work for more than a certain period.



Competitive Employee Benefits Package

  • Supports additional expenses to use freely


Work-life Balance 

  • Offers paid refresh vacations with cash bonus for every four years 

  • Provide various working vacations (i.e., business, performance, celebratory, etc.)


Corporate Health Check-up

  • Offers luxury health check up annually 

  • Enrolls in the Group Accidental Injury Insurance


Team Building Programs

  • Supports multiple club activities
    (i.e., sports, hobbies)

  • Conducts a quarterly event activities

  • Provides a variety of spaces including team work rooms, service units/coffee bars


Additional Benefits

  • Supports language education expenses

  • Supplies mortgage loan

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