Employee Benefits Package


Chips and Media's compensation system is utilized to reward employees for their excellent performance and is given based on their overall work performance.

  1.  Base Pay 

    • ​Base pay is given based on the grade level and performance evaluation.

  2. Productivity Incentive (PI)

    • Productivity incentives are provided based on the team's overall performance and are evaluated twice per year.

  3. Profit-Sharing (PS)

    • A certain portion of corporate profits is shared with all employees at a predetermined rate once a year. ​

  4. Special Incentive

    • A special incentive is offered to employees who contribute to the company: 

  • Patent Incentive: awarded when a work-related patent is registered domestically or internationally ​

  • Employee Referral Incentive: Awarded when an employee recommends a candidate who is hired to work for more than a certain period.


Corporate Health Check-up

  • Annual luxury healthcare for the employees

  • Corporate accident insurance coverage plan

Team Building Programs

  • Supports various employee social clubs

  • Team bonding activities

  • Resting zone with free coffee and drinks

Competitive Employee

Benefits Package

  • Provides additional budgets, on top of the base salary that can be used freely


Balance Benefits

  • Offers Refresh vacations with a cash bonus for every four years you work at Chips&Media

  • Offers in-house condominium membership access to multiple locations

Additional Benefits

  • Supports language course fees

  • Supports housing

  • Mortgage loan​

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

We are located in South Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States

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