Chips&Media announced Image Signal Processing IP family

Seoul, Korea -- June 1st, 2017 -- Chips&Media, Inc., announced the introduction of new Image Signal Processing (ISP) IPs targeting Surveillance and Automotive products. New IP families are developed to specifically support 2MP, 5MP and 8MP sensors and specialized to meet demands of surveillance and automotive products, such as low light environment optimization.

For applications, such as a surveillance camera installed in parking lots, light inputs are non-uniform throughout its operation, due to changes in brightness by weather changes, sunlight/moonlight change over time, and lightings are unevenly distributed over areas which are monitored by the camera. Therefore, cameras installed in this kind of application need to maintain ability to clearly distinguish objects in extremely exposed environment and remove noises while maintaining the sharpness, where ISP IP alone does not fully suffice required functionalities. In effort to cope with these needs, Chips&Media is also introducing computational photography IPs – multi exposure HDR and 3DNR IPs. Similarly as ISP IPs, computational photography IPs are offered in multiple classes to widen the flexibility in choosing appropriate IPs for customers’ necessity. For example, customers have options to choose between gate-size-centric IPs with adequate performance and performance-centric IPs with comparably larger gate size. Moreover, NIX, light version HDR with built-in capability, is available for customers who put weight on the logic size, whereas STYX is more performance centric IP with sizable gate and memory.

Complete and fully configurable ISP and computational photography IPs, along with Chips&Media’s advanced video codec IPs, provide seamless one-stop solution for video processing. Customers will recognize the small IP size, improved support, and convenience in IP selection and compatibility analysis, as ISP, image processing and video codec are provided as bundled IPs.

“Since the debut of our first ISP solution last year, we have been working very hard to embrace and conceive the customer’s needs and requirement. These seven new IPs for ISP and computational photography are results of our dedication and work to provide prime quality video IP with immense flexibility.” said Steve Sang-Hyun Kim, CEO of Chips&Media. He continued, “Also, today’s announcement marks another important cornerstone for Chips&Media to become global top video IP provider.”

Basic ISP functionalities demonstration video is viewable in the video below and for more information on IPs described, please contact

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