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Chips&Media had 6 licensees of HEVC Codec IP - WAVE420 in 2014

Seoul, Korea – Jan. 23, 2015 – Chips&Media Inc., a leading video codec IP provider, announced today that its HEVC codec hardware IP, WAVE420™ has been licensed to 6 worldwide major SoC makers since its first shipment in the first half of 2014.

WAVE420™ is a real-time hardware codec IP core implementing the HEVC standard. It is capable of encoding or decoding up to 4Kx2K (UHD) 4:2:0 10bit video at 30fps. SoC manufacturers adopting WAVE420 are now spurring the development of a broad range of SoCs for not only mobile apps but high-end cameras, automotive, security, and more. As some of them are about to launch their mass-produced product in early 2015, Chip&Media’s royalty revenue is anticipated to grow.

WAVE420™ is well featured with improved high encoding quality and embedded frame buffer compression technology (CFrame™). Particularly, the customers are highly satisfied with the relatively low bandwidth for UHD - requiring only as little as typical bandwidth for full HD, even though pixels of UHD are 4 times those of full HD. Chips&Media Inc. foresees that this year many more SoCs empowered by WAVE420™ are expected to be rolled out with several semiconductor companies now under discussion about the adoption of the IP.

Chips&Media has a plan to launch a few more HEVC IPs based on the market-proven WAVE420 in 2015 in order to solidify its position in the industry: WAVE412, an IP combination of HEVC and Google VP9 decoder with small size, WAVE420L for the low-cost edition, and WAVE420S for the high-end edition.

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