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Chips&Media to Deliver CODA980, the Latest Video IP core with Highest Quality Encoder

Seoul, Korea. –October 6, 2011 – Chips&Media, Inc., a leading company in silicon video Intellectual Property (IP), announces that it now begins shipping its fully verified IP CODA980, delivering simultaneous full 1080p HD video encode/decode capabilities for interactive video recording and conferencing applications,  to partners.

The CODA980 is the latest member of Chips&Media’s CODA9™ series which is targeted the next generation internet-connected devices enabling a new level of visual experiences for a wide range of multimedia applications. It is capable of multi-stream, multi-standard, HD encoding and decoding with support of the latest popular video codecs such VP8 for WebM and H.264 MVC for Blu-ray 3D, as well as all major video standards including H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2, VC-1/WMV, AVS, and Sorenson.

The new Chips&Media’s CODA980 achieves the highest encoding quality at higher frame rates like 1080p60 performance by using CABAC and 8x8 transform in H.264 high profile. It is designed to be ideal for stereoscopic interactive 3D applications as well as real-time HD encoding/transcoding solutions including HD video conferencing, surveillance, and media server. The CODA980 also provides a comprehensive software stack, which includes an OpenMAX IL-compliant API under Gstreamer, OpenCORE, StageFright, and DirectShow.

Chips&Media’s CODA9™ series now are in design with more than 10 partners, and CODA980 already has licensed by more than three lead partners.


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