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Chips&Media unveils its first Image Signal Processing (ISP) IP solution

Seoul, Korea -- May 31st, 2016 -- Chips&Media Inc. a leading multimedia SoC IP provider, today announced the launch of the first Image Signal Processing (ISP) solution, CS series, the move to widening its solution portfolio to cope with continuing demand on image processing and camera-related solution.

The complete and customizable CS ISP solution is developed with a mission to provide the industry’s best quality while reducing the cost and integration time. Through flexible configurability, customers can easily select solution features to comprehend their needs with small chips size and efficient power consumption. By incorporating with Chips&Media’s competitive video codec solution, users will perceive the finest quality and performance in image processing.

Steve Kim, CEO of Chips&Media commented, “The introduction of ISP solution is the move to expand our existing IP portfolio and delivers commitment to become global top SoC IP provider. We have specifically chosen ISP solution, as the camera sensors and related IPs are expected to be used broadly over multiple industries including mobile, automotive and surveillance.”

For more information on the ISP solution, please visit or contact

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