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Thank you for your interest in Chips&Media products and services.  

We are pleased to announce our participation at Embedded Vision Summit, the Virtual Conference, from Sept 15 to 25!


Join our exclusive live Q&A session on "Why a dedicated HW accelerator is recommended for Super-Resolution in Real-time Application" by Willy Kwon, a leader of CV and ISP part at Chips&Media.

▶ Date/Time in PST: Sept 15th, 17th & 23rd at 8 pm (PST)

▶ Location: Anywhere! 

▶ Official Website: 2020 Embedded Vision Summit 

Online Resources

Learn about who we are and what products and services we serve: About Company, Computer Vision, Video Codec, and Image Signal Processing. 

If you need additional detailed specifications of our products, please click here to request. 

Watch company overview and demonstration of c.WAVE120.

Enjoy a short video of Jeiff Kim, a Marketing Director, introducing Chips&Media, and brief quality comparison of our upscaling IP to a conventional scaler. 


* If you are unable to watch the video, use the link instead: 如您无法阅览,请使用此链接 :