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Video Codec IPs
Supporting 8K Resolution


WAVE541C is a dual-CORE codec IP, optimally architected for real-time encoding or decoding video up to 8K60fps in either HEVC/H.265 or AVC/H.264 standards. SoCs powered with WAVE541C bring 8K content readiness to video generating devices, for example, action cams, mobile video recorders, 360-degree VR devices, and more. This readiness will enable contents creators to generate videos and share them on video platforms like YouTube, which already supports 8K video streaming. In terms of video quality, WAVE541C achieves the best possible video quality given the condition that real-time encoding at such a high resolution and frame rate on portable devices. Also, this IP core is designed to have a competitive video quality of x.264/x.265 medium present on the PC or server.

Performance (8K60fps @1GHz)

  • HEVC/H.265 Main/Main 10 Profile, L.5.2 High-tier​

  • AVC/H.264 High/High 10 Profile, L.6.0


  • 32-bit AMBA2 APB bus​​

  • 128-bit AMBA3 AXI buses

  • Primary AXI interface and an optional secondary AXI interface


  • Frame buffer compression

  • Long burst write

  • Scalable hardware architecture

  • 3DNR

  • Programmability

  • Low power consumption

  • Frame-based processing

  • Handling multi-instances


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